Filthy Rich(Part2)-By Kendall Banks (E-Book)

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Product Description

(2nd Book of the Trilogy)

After an unsuspecting raid destroys the Bishop family empire, many fight to take over the territory now up for grabs. While Nessa thinks she’s won against her cheating, womanizing ex-man, Luke has a few chess moves of his own. His plan to testify against those he once loved, and win at a game his father instilled in him backfires. Chetti simply isn’t having it, and she’ll do whatever it takes to remain in control and live the life of luxury; even when she gets the blood of her very own on her hands.
Betrayal runs deep and love seems to have no meaning. As new enemies emerge, lives are lost and truth becomes eminent. Nessa, Luke and Chetti all involve themselves in a treacherous game that could leave everyone they’ve ever loved dead. This second installment of the Filthy Rich series is sure to have readers drooling and unable to stop reading until the book is complete. Fire!