King & Queen by Tisha Raye

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Product Description

Losing Mesha right before his eyes has Pro on edge but never taking a break from his hustle. Bri, still reeling from a major loss and Ty s disappearance, makes it her M.O. to stack paper and dance at Joe s strip club trying to make ends meet. When Pro is introduced to Joe, the last person he plans on meeting is Bri. When Joe tells the pair of his idea to take down the perps who robbed him, violated Ty and murdered Mesha, Pro and Bri’s wild lives collide. Apprehensive from the start of their Bonnie and Clyde relationship, their deep scars eventually draw them closer…no matter how hard Pro tries to fight it, a romance develops. Seeking revenge and running from nightmares, a relationship seems impossible to Bri, but the fast, luxurious lifestyle that Pro brings is hard to give up. Unfortunate circumstances continue to follow Pro and his queen, but so does deceit, revenge, and death. Will Pro get it together before it s too late or lose his new queen forever?