Teenage Bluez II

Shawna Allen, desperately wanting to be with the in-crowd at her new high school, becomes friends with Mika Coley, against the advice of her best friend, Shenekwa. Shawna is confused as to why she shouldn t be friends with Mika, until she s approached in the wrong manner. Kia s stepfather is a loser, and she knows it, but her mother doesn t listen to her until it is too late. One summer evening he creeps into Kia s room and does the unthinkable. She tries to keep the secret, but the news somehow slips out. Will her mother believe her? Or show loyalty to her man? Mahogany used to have the perfect life until her father surprisingly went to prison after breaking the law, and her mother became a drunk. Soon, she felt like she was all alone. Her mother doesn t realize the affect her drinking has on her daughter until it is almost too late. Join us on this roller coaster ride filled with drama and teenage solutions.

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