Teenage Bluez I

Accustomed to the sheltered life, Ricky Coleman yearns to be accepted into the in crowd. Soon he goes from study hall to hanging with a feared neighborhood criminal. Influenced by his thugged out boy, Marco, Ricky finds himself in a police chase that could seal his fate. Will this pretty boy survive the hard life of a Juvenile detainee? Hopelessly in love with an older man, Niyah Christian, 17, falls into a double trap. Malik, her smooth talking boyfriend, wines and dines her into a web of deception. Once ripped from the safety of her family and best friend, Denim, she finds herself lost and turned out. With nowhere to turn, Niyah hits rock bottom. Bria, the daughter of a famous pro football player, learns early that money is power and a sure sign of success. While she embraces the life of the wealthy and elite, her girl, Tiff, from the hood, is hot to trot and on her way to a life filled with pain. Will their friendship last?

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